These rules are valid for Quaffle Play and Snitch Play

One-Letter Rule (Spelling)

When submitting an answer to a trivia question, only one spelling mistake is allowed -- more than one mistake makes the answer automatically incorrect. Punctuation marks, apostrophes etc., do not count! All numbers that might be in the answer have to be correct. Switching two consecutive letters count as one mistake unless it is only a one word answer. Then that answer must be spelled correctly.

Example: Question: What is Harry Potter's house in Hogwarts?

Answer: Gryffindor (correct)
Answer: Gryffindoor (wrong)
Answer: Gryffndor (wrong)
Answer: Gryffundor (wrong)
Answer: Gryffidnor (wrong)
Answer: Grifindor (wrong)
Answer: Griffidnor (wrong)

Example: Question: What are Slytherin's house colors?

Answer: silver green (correct)
Answer: sliver green (correct)
Answer: gren sivler(wrong)
Answer: sliver gren (wrong)


Numerical characters are allowed.

Example: Question: How many gold teeth does Prof. Trelawney have?

Answer: 3 (correct)
Answer: three (correct)

No Abbreviations

Submitting a quick answer is critical for success. Nothing in the answer, that is required to make the answer correct, should be abbreviated.


Answer: Gryffindor (correct)
Answer: Gryff (wrong)

Answer: Professor Snape (correct)
Answer: Prof. Snape (wrong)

Answer: 50 feet (correct)
Answer: 50 ft. (wrong)

Full Names

If the answer is a character name, it is not allowed to shorten the name. All names have to be either First Name + Last Name or Title + Last Name. This rule is also valid for all main characters as Harry (Harry Potter), Ron (Ron Weasley), Hermione (Hermione Granger) or Hagrid (Rubeus Hagrid).

Please note: the use of Mrs/Miss/Madam/Mr are not permitted if the character's full name is known. Professor/Healer are still acceptable as titles. If the character's full name is not known, you can simply type their first name or surname (i.e. no title such as Mr/Miss is required, unless explicitly stated in the question). Obviously, things like "Mrs Norris" are an exception as that is her actual name.

Example One: Question: Who is Hogwarts Headmaster?

Answer: Professor Dumbledore (correct)
Answer: Professor Albus Dumbledore (correct)
Answer: Albus Dumbledore (correct)
Answer: Dumbledore (wrong)
Answer: Prof. Dumbledore (wrong)

Example Two: Question: Who are Harry's best friends?

Answer: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (correct)
Answer: Ron and Hermione (wrong)


All the above rules apply only for the "keywords" needed to make the answer correct. Many questions can be answered with different "phrases", as long as the keywords are included, the referee gives the answer as correct. What exactly the keywords, needed for a correct answer are, is the decision of the referee only

Example: Question: What uniform do the Hogwarts house elves wear?

The answer the referee has on file is: "A tea towel stamped with the Hogwarts crest, tied like a toga." It now depends on the referee's decision, what keywords he expects to be included in the answer. "tea towel" only, "tea towel" and "toga" or "tea towel", "toga" and "crest".

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