All teams are required to provide a referee for matches they are not involved in. For example, if Gryffindor plays Hufflepuff, then Ravenclaw and Slytherin have to provide one referee each for this match, one for quaffle play and one for snitch play. The captains are responsible for providing competent refs. If a team fails to provide a referee one week in advance of a match, the HOL Quidditch Board will appoint someone else to ensure that the match is not at risk.

The referees for each game will be listed in the Schedule post in the Quidditch Talk forum.

Referees will earn 25 house points per match.

Referee Duties

- Use a server that works for you, not one that people harass you to be on. If you lag horribly, the game will be no fun for anyone.

- Ensure you have the correct (most up-to-date) question set well in advance.

- Try to be ready to start receiving line-ups from around 8:50pm HOL onwards. If the game has not started by 9:10pm HOL and you are the reason, you will not be eligible to ref the next game.

- After the game you will decide the MVP with the QB member in charge of the game.

- After the game send a log of the game to the QB e-mail: quidditch [at]

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