The HOL Quidditch Board is appointed by the Headoffice. The board organizes the HOL Quidditch Cup and all official matches. It is responsible for the Snitch Puzzles, Question Sets, appointing referees, and for all general game rules (changes or modifications). There is at least one Quidditch Board member present at all official matches.

Current Quidditch Board members can be viewed on the HOL Contacts page and are also listed in the Quidditch Department.

Quidditch Board Duties

1. Create/obtain a 5x4 logic puzzle. Send puzzle to snitchref.
2. Double check referee status, line up refs if needed.
3. Check that lineups are received.
4. Double check player eligibility.

During game
1. Be in #quidditch, #snitch, #refchan, #grandstand (or find a responsible person or two and op them in #grandstand).
2. Keep an eye on the time. If it's a normal game, 45 minutes from All Chasers is when the break comes. If it's a snitch-forfeited game, it's 30 minutes. The break is 3 minutes. If the snitch isn't caught by the middle of the eighth ten-minute period, the game's over.

1. Ensure refs send logs to QB; QB member should keep logs of their own, just in case.
2. Edit at least the score and ref data into the Quidditch Department.
3. Award MVP Award.
4. Award points (MVP, reffing, house score points).

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