Important Note: All IRC commands start with a '/' (slash)

/HELP shows general help or help on the given command.

/IGNORE removes output from specific people (note, use with caution. To remove all ignores, type /ignore -r)

/JOIN to join a channel. Example: /JOIN #hpgalleries

/LIST lists all current channels.

/ME sends anything about you to a channel. Example: /ME slaps HarryPotter with a large trout displays: * Ayesha_Nitehawk slaps HarryPotter with a large trout.

/MSG sends a private message. Example: /MSG Nick Sends a private (only seen by that nick) to someone.

/NICK changes your nickname. /NICK {New Nickname} Changes your nickname to whatever you like. If your intended nickname clashes with someone else's as you attempt to enter IRC, you will not be able to enter until you change it to something else. Duplicate nicknames are not allowed; this is enforced by the IRC servers. Example: /NICK RonWeasley. Displays: *** Ayesha_Nitehawk is now known as RonWeasley. Please note -- don't leave any spaces. Use a "-" or "_" to connect names like Ayesha_Nitehawk.

/PART to leave a channel (same as LEAVE)

/QUIT exits your IRC session and you leave the server, (same as BYE and EXIT)

/WHOIS displays information about someone. Example: /WHOIS Ayesha_Nitehawk

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