X-Chat Aqua is a free IRC client that's very easy to install on a Mac. You don't have to deal with binaries or type in any weird commands to the terminal. It has a native Mac OS feel, so it will be natural to use, and you can use colors! Unlike Colloquy (another free IRC client for Macs) ping responses are generally under 1 second (meaning better for Quidditch), and much better interface too.

Basic IRC

- Download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/xchataqua/
- Double-click icon (named X-Chat_Aqua.#.##.dmg) to mount, open the X-Chat Aqua folder and drag the X-Chat icon to your Application Folder. (it is now installed)
- Double click the X-Chat icon from your applications folder to launch the application
- A server list should pop up (File->Server List or Cmd-S if it doesn't)
- Enter your desired nickname(s) (sometimes, common names are already taken, and you'll change into Guest## if that happens just change your nickname - see Basic IRC Commands)
- Under Networks click, the plus sign at the bottom to add a new network, then Click the 'Edit...' button right next to it
- A new window pops up, Click Edit under server, and type irc.blitzed.org
- Optional: At the bottom you can type channels you automatically join upon signing on, such as #hpgalleries. Also once you register your nickname, type your password here, so you don't have to /msg NickServ every time.
- Now click Done and then Connect. If you didn't put in #hpgalleries earlier. Type /join #hpgalleries
- TaDa!

More Advanced Options

- Under X-Chat Aqua -> Preferences or Cmd-comma in the Chatting category, click Events/Sounds to have a sound go off at any event you choose.
- In the main chat window, to the right of where you type, there is a big down arrow. Click it, and a list of colors will pop up, click on the color you wish to type in, and your message will show up in that color.
- Under X-Chat Aqua -> Preferences List -> Userlist Buttons, you can customize buttons that go in the main text window, such as a WhoIs button, etc.
- Any other questions, just ask for help. =)

(written by Sandra Bloomwicks, Ravenclaw)

last changed: December 27, 2006 by pr_dyb