In general - all Mac programs are self installing. Simply double-clicking the icon will install the program. This is true for Snak. In this case, it simply expands the folder that is 'Stuffed' and there you go. When you want to use Snak - all you have to do is double-click the Snak Icon in the Snak 4.6.5 folder.

- Double-click Snak to open it.
- In the Profile List dialog box (where you used to just enter #hpgalleries), click on Newnet, in the TITLE section.
- Select ADD
- Select from window to the right.
- Select OK
- Select OK
- You should now be back in the Profile List dialog box. Make sure that Newnet is highlighted in the TITLE section (disregard the server name to the right). Type in #hpgalleries in the FORM window (as usual).
- Select CONNECT

Once the the status window displays "you are logged on", type /join #hpgalleries and you should see a bunch of people in the channel. If you are the only one there, then it is possible that the network has split (see netsplit) and you'll have to hunt for the server everyone is using. For a list of blitzed servers, link to: and select "servers" which lists the names of the servers.

(written by Hari O'Duibhleargain, Ravenclaw)

last changed: December 27, 2006 by pr_dyb