One alternative IRC client to mIRC that has recently gained in popularity, is Klient, available for download from (on an initial 30 day trial basis).

Installation is simple, and configuration is similarly easy, thanks to a handy connection wizard that runs when you first use the program. This should enable you to connect to one of the servers on the Blitzed network and then join channels as normal, as the IRC commands are identical.

Klient does give you a greater degree of configurability (accessed via F3) as well as looking significantly nicer. For those in search of the colour remote, these are done in a different manner to mIRC, due to the different scripting languages being used. To get a colour remote, follow these steps.

- Press F10 (to open the script editor)
- Scroll down to the 'events' section, and press the + button to create a new event
- Set the event type from the drop down menu to 'Enter Pressed'
- Then type the following code in the main script box

'Params: Server, Window, Text if Window.WindowType = WindowMgr.WT_CHANNEL then Text = "(type control+k)1,1" & Text end if

Substitute the 1,1 for whatever colour combination you like (you may need to play around a bit to find one that looks nice), then just save, and you're done. Please note the (type control+k) bit should be replaced simple by the symbol derived by pressing control + k.

(written by Boris Bigglesworth, Slytherin)

last changed: December 27, 2006 by pr_dyb