HOL has several official channels that are monitored by professors, Head Students, and certain students designated as channel operators. The HOL channel rules apply in all of these channels, which are all on the Blitzed.org network (irc.blitzed.org).

Official HOL channels can be mentioned freely in chat.

The official HOL channels are:
#hol (the main HOL channel for everyone)
#gryffindor (Gryffindor's house channel)
#hufflepuff (Hufflepuff's house channel)
#ravenclaw (Ravenclaw's house channel)
#slytherin (Slytherin's house channel)
#quidditch (main Quidditch channel, used for Quaffle play)
#snitch (main Quidditch channel, used Snitch play) (Note: This channel is only for the seekers, snitch referee, and Quidditch Board members.)
#grandstand (main Quidditch audience channel)
#refchan (used during Quidditch games for referees and team captains)
#scmeeting (used for the monthly Student Committee meetings)
#staffmeeting (used for HOL faculty meetings)

These are the official channels, but there are more that are created and used temporarily -- e.g. for classes, the Summer Quidditch League, and student committee meetings -- where the IRC guidelines apply as well.

The four house channels are managed solely by the house administration and meant for students of that house, though guests are almost always welcome.

HOL is not responsible for any conversation outside these channels (such as temporary or permanent private chatrooms). However, serious misbehavior in unofficial channels or private conversations that violate the essential rules for an all-ages site, such as pornography, sexual harassment, explicit violence, privacy intrusion, or threatening will have serious consequences no matter where this happens on the network.

last changed: December 27, 2006 by pr_dyb