Official HOL Awards are given out at the most once every month during the school year. For the Orders of Merlin, the whole faculty discusses who might deserve an award in a staff meeting - if there is no candidate the staff can agree on, or if HOL is on summer or winter break, no awards (or only some of them) will be given out. The following awards are available:

- Order of Merlin: Most Helpful
- Order of Merlin: Best Initiative
- Order of Merlin: Hard Work Award
- Order of Merlin: Most Dedicated
- Order of Merlin: Bravery Award

- MVP Award
Given to the Most Valuable Player(s) in every official HOL Quidditch match.
- The Headmaster Award
An award given to someone who the Headmaster feels deserves it, for whatever reason he deems fit.
- Roadrunner Award
Only for the BEST people

HOL Awards do not count for house points.

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