If one is needed, the Headoffice carefully selects a new Headboy or Headgirl to serve all the students of HOL for the full school year. Like in the Harry Potter books, the Head Students are instrumental in keeping order in the halls of HOL, helping students as needed, identifying and correcting bad behaviour, and rewarding good behaviour and initiative. They are always available to help students who may experience problems with other authorities.

The HOL Head Students are in charge of the HOL Student Committee, a governing body comprised of House Prefects. The HOL Student Committee helps maintain order in HOL. They are responsive to the many student-initiated questions, ideas and suggestions concerning our school.

HOL Head Students are also generally responsible for keeping track of the trick stairs, enforcing the dress code, teaching proper badge care and mowing the lawn at HOL.

All Head Students are impartial in terms of Houses, as they serve the entire body of HOL. There is no application process to become Headboy or Headgirl. The selection process for a Head Student does not include any consideration of the House from which she, or he, is chosen.

Current Head Students

Alexia Riaper (Ravenclaw)
Hailey Potter (Gryffindor)
Zoki Phantom (Hufflepuff)

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