The professors at HOL are hand-picked each year from applicants all over the globe. The few and proud professors who are selected to serve HOL students do so because they enjoy reading Harry Potter, sharing information in their specialty, and interacting with students. Professors at HOL are in no way compensated monetarily - pleasure at a job well done is their only reward.

Essentially, professors create a website filled with information and homework assignments. They receive 40-200 assignments a month to grade, spend hours submitting points earned for the work, and answer questions from students who need help. All of this for HOL, in addition to their real life demands. Why on earth do they do this? Because they want to! They enjoy it, just as we enjoy being students.

What do professors ask in return? They ask for very little, essentially only that you complete your homework, exams, and are respectful. Here are some basics that Professors graciously require to make their work load a little lighter:

1. Include your HOL Name and HOL ID with every homework assignment you submit.

2. In the subject of your email, include the class title, or whatever the professor may indicate - they may receive hundreds of emails daily, and if they cannot distinguish at a glance what the email is, they may delete it along with the rest of the spam they receive.

3. Have patience. Patience is a virtue. Professors will respond to your respectfully written emails and PM's in due time. Lack of immediate response from a professor does not indicate any sort of malice, it merely indicates a busy schedule. Assignments will be graded, points will be awarded. Just be patient.

4. Be respectful. Speak (well, write) to these Professors as you would speak to Professor McGonagall if you were Harry Potter.

PROFESSOR SELECTION: It is required that applicants are 17+ years of age and maintain a good sense of self and humor.

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