The Headmaster of HOL is Prof. Ulol Kimil. Together with the HOL Head Office, he is the highest authority in HOL. Besides running the school with duties not visible to the majority of HOL, the Head Office appoints the Heads of the four Houses, all new Professors and Head Students.

The current members include:
Prof. Ulol Kimil (Headmaster, Ravenclaw)
Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn (Deputy Headmistress, Ravenclaw)
Prof. Mark Mandrake (Deputy Headmaster, Caretaker, Ravenclaw)
Prof. Missa Matz (Deputy Headmistress, Gryffindor)

HO Emeriti:
Emerald Dybendahl (HOL Founder, House Neutral)
Prof. Paddy O’Brien (Deputy Headmaster, Slytherin)
Prof. Esmeralda Knotwise (Deputy Headmistress, Hufflepuff)
Prof. Anya Chutney (Deputy Headmistress, Hufflepuff)

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