When you are posting you can use what are called "code buttons" to add color, bold, italic, change size in your posts and also add links...

Bold, Italics, Underline, Font, Size, Color: You click on the specific button you want to use just before writing the text that you want in bold, italics... When you have finished writing this text, you click on the same button again (which should be marked with a star "*") or on "Close all Tags" (you might prefer this if you want to close several tags all at once), so that the rest of your post will appear with normal font/size/color.

Example: HOL is a virtual simulation of a Hogwarts-like wizard school.

This would appear when you are posting as:
[B]HOL[/B] is a [U]virtual[/U] simulation of a [FONT=Arial] [COLOR=blue] Hogwarts-like [/COLOR] [/FONT] wizard [I]school[/I].

Links, Email Address: To add a link to your post, click on the "http://" button. A window opens and you have to enter the webpage's URL. Then you get another window and you have to enter the text people will click on to get to the webpage.

It works the same way for an email address, click on the "@" button, and enter the email address in the window.

Image: Images are not allowed in posts anywhere on the HOL forum, so you shouldn't actually need to use this button :)


Same questions asked several times in Ask A Prefect, multiple threads posted on the same topic... these are things which happen too often, and it is a problem to save bandwidth. If you use the Search function, you can find topics easily with keywords. You will get a list of topics in which the keywords you searched for appear. It's a good way to find an answer to your questions on your own or to find a topic on a specific subject you might want to participate in, instead of creating a new thread which would be deleted, as there was already an existing one.


You might have noticed there is a Calendar in the forum. You can check birthdays and special HOL events on it. Only Prefects, Head Students, Professors and Staff can add events to it.


If you edit your forum profile (in "My Controls") adding your birthday, it will automatically appear in the Calendar. When the day of your birthday comes, your name will show up at the bottom of the forum webpage, with your age.


You might found the Help section of the forum useful to find about other specific options you might want to know about. If you still have a problem using the forum, or don't understand something, you can always PM Emma, and she'll try to answer your questions.

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