To get into your Control Panel, click on "My Controls" at the top of the forum webpage. Your Control Panel is your personal place on the forum. You can send Private Messages (PMs) to any registered forum user, receive some, set your forum profile, avatar, signature, forum settings...

You have a menu on the left.


- Click on "Compose new message" to send a PM to someone.
- "Inbox" will link you to the area where you receive your PMs, so you can read them.
- "Sent Items" is where PMs you send and want to save stay.
- "Saved (Unsent) PM's": When you write a new message, you have the possibility to save it before sending it (Save (send later)). This is where you will retrieve it when you decide to send it.
- "Empty PM Folders": Go there when you need to delete all PMs of one or several folders.
- "Edit Storage Folders": Here you can create your own folders to store your PMs in different categories.
- "PM Buddies/Block list": If you put people on your Buddy list it'll be easier to PM them when you compose a new message, you won't have to write their name, they are then in your address book. If you block people, they won't be able to PM you.
- "Archive Messages": You need to archive your PMs regularly because you can't store an unlimited number of PMs in the forum. You have a maximum of 50 storable PMs (received and sent) in the main HOL forum. When you archive your PMs, you will receive them by email as an Excel datafile or an HTML page according to what you selected.
- "Message Tracker": When you send a PM, you have the possibility to "track" it, it means you will know when the member you PMed has read your message. You can also choose to stop tracking the message. You can also delete unread messages before the member reads it.


If you subscribe to a topic or forum, you will be notified by email when there is a new reply/topic.

- "View Topics": Topics to which you have subscribed appear in here
- "View Forums": Forums to which you have subscribed appear in here

Personal Profile

- "Edit Profile Info": All the info you enter here will appear in your forum profile which people can view when they click on your user name anywhere in the forum. You can enter your birthday, contact info, interests, your HOL House... This will also appear in your Student File and Year Book in the Student Office.
- "Edit Signature": The signature is displayed underneath your post. It can have texts and images. But make sure you follow the specific rules.
- "Edit Avatar Settings": You can either use pre-installed avatars, your own avatar which you uploaded on your own webspace, or upload your avatar to the forum. Only Second Years and above are allowed to upload avatars and the max. size for avatars you upload to the forum is 6kb. All avatars must be 64x64 pixels maximum.
- "Change personal photo": You can either upload a photo (100kb max) or link to one on the net by entering its URL. The size should be 250x250 pixels max. Please use only photos which belong to you or ask its owner if you can use it. Your photo will be displayed when a user clicks to view your profile, on the mini-profile screen and will also be linked to from the member list.


- "Email Settings": You can choose to have members to be able to e-mail you or not and if you wish to receive updates from the forums administrator.
- "Board Settings": Adjust your time zone and also display settings (viewing members' signatures, posted images, smilies, avatars when reading posts...)
- "Change Email Address": To change your email address in the forum (not in the Student Office)
- "Change Password": To change your forum password (not your Student Office password)

last changed: December 26, 2006 by pr_dyb