There are many different areas in the forum. It's important for everyone to post in the right place so that the forum remains readable, not mixing everything up. Here is a description of each area of the forum, which should help you post in the right place. If you don't post your topic where it belongs, a forum moderator will have to move it to the right area.

Some areas are restricted to some User Groups, and won't appear on your screen. Those are the Staff Office, the HO Office, and the Students Committee, etc. If you get an error screen not allowing you to read a topic, it is a topic located in those areas, and you do not need to read it.


The Announcements board is the very first place you have to check when entering the HOL forum. It's where all the important news, decisions, general information on many different subjects (administration, calendar, classes, contests...) are posted. All students are supposed to know about those announcements. Only Staff members can post in there.

The Great Hall:
This area is for everything HOL related. Anything you want to post which is linked to HOL (but not HOL classes) finds its place here.

Quidditch Talk:
In here, you'll find all posts about Quidditch: Quidditch news, schedule of matches during the Quidditch season, team practices, tryouts, outcomes of each games... well, everything linked to Quidditch. The HOL Quidditch League is a sub-area here. Every topic related to it goes in there. The HOL Quidditch League is running in the summer holidays only.

Ask a Prefect:
If you have any question about HOL, ask the Prefects. They don't bite but make sure the answer you're looking for is not in the Handbook, Announcements area, any pinned topic, or has not been asked and answered before in there (use the search function)... Prefects can sometimes answer the same question 10 times, and it's very normal that they get frustrated then. And remember that only Prefects, Headboys/Headgirls, Professors and Administrators are allowed to answer questions in this area - otherwise you could lose points. Please read this topic for further information about the Ask A Prefect area.

Please read the board rules first before posting, and only post after you have tried everything else first. Most likely you problem can be handled in the Ask A Prefect board.

Prof. Ulol's Office: Administrative issues and questions
Caretaker's Office: Forum and HOL account issues for Prof. Mark Mandrake


Students Lounge:
The Students Lounge is where you can discuss everything which is not related to HOL. Everything, but respecting the forum rules, of course :) There are several sub-areas in the Student Lounge to discuss more specific topics: Movie Talk, Music Talk, Book Talk (non Harry Potter books) and Sports Talk.

General Harry Potter:
In this board you'll find all topics linked to Harry Potter: every rumour on the next books, details of the first books, everything about the movies... if you have any comments, news, stories, anything linked to Harry Potter, share it with everyone. There are specific rules for this area. Please read this topic.

Bulletin Board:
This is an area for you to post all your birthday wishes, all personal greetings, but also if you want others to know you're going on vacation, won't be there for a while, or if you decided to quit, any goodbye posts... Please keep that kind of posts, and ONLY that kind, in this area. Posts older than 1 week will be deleted.


Throughout the year, various contests and HOL-wide activities will be opened for students and staff to participate in. The activities include (but are not limited to) HOL WriMo, HOL Idol, HOL LIMS, and other type of contests. Stay tuned throughout the year to see what current activity is being held.


This is where class related topics are discussed. You can ask general questions about classes in the General Classes Discussion area, or check the sub-areas in Classrooms. Each class gets its own sub-area in there according to the Professor's needs. Professors will check there and answer questions related to their classes. They will also post information concerning their classes, when a new lesson is available for example, or when you need to send your homework. All students should check this board and their classes' areas regularly to remain updated.


We have several clubs in HOL, some of them have their area in this forum. HOL clubs are here so that students and Professors who share the same interest can discuss it together. You'll find more about each club in each specific area, how to contact members, become a member, take part in it and so on.

HOL Tolkien Society: For all the obsessed Tolkienites.
HOLLER: A place for members of all houses to mingle and have fun
First Friend: Helps new first years find friends on HOL

If you are interested in creating a new club, you'll have to submit your idea to the HOL Staff who will decide during one of their meetings if it's possible or not.

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