Everyone if free to sign-up/register for the HOL Forum. However, as all new registrations are manually verified by the Administrators, for a successful registration you will need the following:

1. your valid HOL name (it still is the HOL Forum). No names from the Harry Potter books, no celebrity names, no nicknames (no "supercoolsk8ergurlchica"), and no "stupid" names (sorry... but "Some Stuff" is not a name). Your forum name must consist of a first and last name, separated by a space. Please capitalize the first letters of each word.

2. If you are a sorted HOL student, please be careful with your typing, your forum name must exactly match your HOL name, so that your user group and HOL ID can be automatically updated in your forum profile. Again, this is what you need to get it right: a space between first and last name, no underscores ("_"), capitalized first letters but don't write your name all in caps. All of these forum sign-ups would NOT work and would be deleted by the Admins: DoloresPotter (no space), Dolores..Potter (two spaces), Dolores_Potter (underscore).

3. Your name must be "clean" as well as your email address. Nothing offensive (vulgar, sexual, violent) please. HOL is a family friendly site for all ages.

4. You need a working email address, because it's where your password will be sent to if you forget it. Security reminder: Do NOT use the same password for everything in HOL, and certainly do NOT sign up with a password that you use somewhere really important (ISP, bank, eBay, PayPal, email, etc.). Do not worry about too many passwords that you might forget, modern browsers such as Firefox do safely keep all the passwords for you.

After you have registered, your account needs to be approved by an Administrator, and this can take a bit of time, so please be patient. Also, do not create double forum accounts. If you have a problem to log in, or to retrieve your password, please contact an Admin. Do not sign up twice or more.

last changed: December 26, 2006 by pr_dyb