When you sign up for HOL, you will have to pick a name for your HOL identity. It is highly recommended that you do not use your real name. All names will be verified by the Headoffice, they have to follow certain rules in order to get accepted:

- You must have a First Name and a Last Name. Names like "sk8erboi2003" or "ilovehorses" are not acceptable. Pick any first and last name you like. Maybe you want to be distinguishable, the more original your name is, the better maybe. But that is your very own decision.

- Harry Potter character names are not allowed in HOL. You can not be "Harry Potter" or "Hermione Granger", you can also not be "Harry Potter34", "Harry Putter", "Hary Potter" or similar nonsense. Same for all minor characters... no "Stan Shunpike" or "Bertha Jorkins" in HOL. The reason for this is simple: HOL is not a role-playing game and besides that, many people would have liked to take a name such as "Ron Weasley", not just you. However, new combinations of HP first and last names are okay. For example, even "Hermione Potter" or "Harry Granger" are valid names, just maybe you want to consider that these names are very unoriginal and you might get mixed-up with other people very easily then.

- Every name is allowed only once. If a name is taken by someone else, it is not available anymore.

- Your name must be "clean"! No offensive names, and also no stupidly silly names. It is up to the Admins and the Headoffice what we consider appropriate and what not.

- No names of celebrities (incl. all HP movie actors of course) that do actually exist! No "Daniel Radcliffe", okay?! You can not pretend to be a celebrity in HOL. If Brad Pitt one day wants to join HOL, the "please no real life name" guideline will be in effect for him as well.

- Names cannot be taken from other real life people, no "Angelina Jolie" or names from TV shows, comics, other books, no "Frodo Baggins" - once again, try to be original.

You can only have ONE identity in HOL - just one. You can't "play" two students in the same house, and for sure not in different houses. Fair play and honesty is what we care most for in HOL. If you have been inactive or quit HOL in the past, send an email or PM to one of your house prefects, asking to be set active again - do NOT sign-up with a new name. Double sign-ups will be deleted when discovered.

Invalid names, or names that are already taken, will be rejected during the sign-up process. You will find your name then on the Rejected Registrations list. Register with a new name then.

last changed: December 26, 2006 by pr_dyb