The Sign-up procedure is explained in the HOL Admission Office. It consists of four main steps:

- Registering your HOL-Name
- Passing the Entry Exam
- Getting sorted into one of the four Houses
- Creating your personal HOL Password

As soon as you have completed this all, you are a member of HOL. You then should sign-up for the HOL Forum, for your Common Room, and -- as soon as they are open -- sign up for 1-5 classes. Please read the naming rules carefully before you create your HOL Identity. Invalid or inappropriate names are not tolerated, and if the HOL Administration discovers those, your complete student file will be deleted and you have to start over from scratch.

HOL accepts new members at the beginning of each term (from August to September and from January to February). Signing up for classes and other areas of HOL will be prohibited during certain times, such as the last few weeks of each term.

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