HOL Quidditch is based on Harry Potter Trivia knowledge. The questions asked are all taken from the Harry Potter books (incl. the two schoolbooks) or are related to the author. There are no quidditch questions pertaining to the Harry Potter movies. Quidditch can only be played by IRC chat - which is free. Instructions to install an IRC client can be found here in this handbook (9.3).

For the HOL Quidditch Cup, the four house teams compete in a double round - every team has to play all the others twice for a total of six matches in one school year. The quidditch channels on IRC are #quidditch for Quaffle play, #snitch for Snitch play, #grandstand for the audience (cheerleading, spectators who chat about what's going on...) and #refchan (for the Quidditch Board, referees and involved team captains). #quidditch is moderated during a match - only players and the referee are allowed to talk in there. #snitch is a restricted channel during a match, no spectator is allowed in there. #refchan is strictly closed to everyone not involved.

The Quidditch season usually starts in November and ends in late May or June. Schedule, tables, stats and game logs are accessible from the Quidditch Arena page.

Concept and rules of HOL Quidditch are an original creation by HOL. The game is protected by international copyright law and may not be used outside of HOL without written permission.

Summer Quidditch League
A popular summer pastime, the Summer Quidditch League is an open, no experience necessary opportunity for HOLers to enjoy the marvelous game that is Quidditch.

Though the specific rules vary from year to year, game play is much like a regular season Quidditch match, and the rules are almost identical. Because there is no snitch play, however, game time is limited, usually to an hour.

SQL, as it's commonly called, isn't a guaranteed activity every summer; like other HOL activities, it has to be approved by the staff. As summer approaches, keep an eye on the Quidditch Talk forum or the main Announcements forum for any news about the Summer Quidditch League.

The Flobberworms
The Flobberworms is the HOL Faculty Team. Every professor and other staff member is welcome on the team. Occasionally one of the house teams or a mix of all houses will challenge The Flobberworms to a match.

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