In HOL you will need many passwords. You'll need one for the HOL Office, one for the HOL Forum, one for your Common Room, one for your IRC nickname, and so forth. You might even need more passwords, if, for instance, you've registered an IRC channel -- a channel password, etc.

Yes, the simplest way to keep track of everything is to use the same password for all these accounts, but please don't do it. If you accidentally reveal your password for one area, you can easily go and change it there, and no harm is done. But if you use the same password for almost everything, then fixing the mistake will be infinitely more
difficult and time-consuming -- and while you're fixing everything, people might misuse your password for worse things than just playing a prank.

This is very important: Do Not Use Your Standard Password for HOL!

Please do not use a password here that you need for important things like your Internet Service Provider, E-Mail Account, or even your Bank Account. Also don't use the same password you have for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. in HOL. This is the worst kind of carelessness.

When choosing a password, choose one that's hard to guess. Have a mix of letters and numbers. If you need help, search the internet for a secure password generator; there are a lot of them out there, and it's an easy way to ensure strong passwords.

If you share a computer with anyone else (roommates, siblings, etc.), or if you use a public computer in a library, school, or workplace, log out when you leave the computer. Always log out from the HOL Forum, Common Room, Office, and so forth, as the next person who gets on the computer might impersonate you, act in your name, and cause trouble. We've had several such incidents in the past, and it is not possible to prove one way or another whether the rule-breaking happened when someone else was using your account. So, save yourself the grief and heartache and always log out before you are leaving the computer.

If you need to change your password, please do the following:
* HOL Office: Log into the main HOL page and go to your profile. Under the "My Settings" area, click the link "Change HOL Password" and fill out the form there.

* If you've lost your HOL password, leave a message in 'Prof. Kimil's Office' in the HOL Forum -- only there and nowhere else! Your login will then be deleted and you can create a new password for the Office.

* HOL Forum: Change your password in your control panel ("My Controls" in the HOL Forum menubar).

* House Forums: Each forum is different, but you should be able to look at the forum's help topics to find the answer.

* IRC Nick: Once you've identified your nick, type /msg nickserv set password newpassword into the status window.

* IRC Channel: Once you've identified, type /msg chanserv set #channel password newpassword into the status window.

last changed: December 26, 2006 by pr_dyb