The HOL Headoffice holds the safety, security and wellbeing of all students in highest regard and will NOT tolerate behaviour which does not promote this intended environment.

Students who commit any of the following offenses are subject to immediate expulsion by members of the Head Office or their Head of House:

- acts of privacy violation
- prejudicial statements/inferences
- sexual/pornographic statements/inferences/links
- willful impersonation of another HOL student, professor or staff
- hacking or invading any HOL related site, repeated and chronic disrespect for the rules

Expulsion is permanent! An expelled student is only allowed back in when all of the HOL Headoffice and the Head of the expelled student's House unanimously support this.

Any students who feels their privacy has been violated, or who have received offensive or inappropriate material should contact a Head Student or Professor immediately via PM, owl or on chat.

last changed: December 26, 2006 by pr_dyb