The dictionary definition for misbehavior according to Babylon ( is: poor conduct, bad behavior, misconduct. Just that would be a very good explanation of what misbehaviour is already, but some examples are:

Discrediting: According to ( discrediting means: loss of or damage to one's reputation; lack or loss of trust or belief; doubt; something damaging to one's reputation or stature. Badmouthing somebody or somebodies (like entire houses), including your own, through posts, messages, PMs or similar is considered discrediting.

Spamming: Spam is defined as:
- useless or pointless posts
- one-word posts
- 'I agree' posts
- posts where you ask questions that have already been answered in another thread or the Handbook, and
- posts that have recently been discussed

Spam is annoying, unnecessary, and a waste of bandwidth, and can also cost you points. For more information on what is classified as spam, check Section 3 in the HOL Handbook.

Posting in the 'Ask a Prefect' board: Prefects and staff appreciate your enthusiasm, but if you read a question in the 'Ask a Prefect' board and you think you know the answer, please PM the questioner. DO NOT POST IN THE 'ASK A PREFECT' BOARD. Only prefects, professors and above may reply. We do not want to give out any false, uncertain or unconfirmed information.

Back-talking to Prefects and people above them in HOL Chain of command can lose you points, and it is simply rude in general.

Normally students will lose 5 points for a repeat offense (after a warning) and 10 points if they still continue to misbehave. The maximum however, for very extreme (and rare) cases, is 100 points

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