Any kind of private information - anything that makes you personally identifiable - which connects your HOL identity to your real life identity is strictly forbidden in the HOL Forum and all HOL Areas (including House Common Rooms).

This includes:
- your home or street address
- your telephone number (mobile or not)
- full name or address of your school etc.

This is for your own safety! Do not reveal any private information in a place that can be accessed by anyone who feels like doing a Google Search and sneaks in here as a guest. We do our best to watch out for everyone's safety - no personal information (real name, address, etc.) is stored anywhere online or offline - do not accidentally post it in the forums or reveal it to anyone who asks you for it.

We will not implement an "HOL meeting service" or an "HOL dating service" for obvious reasons. All official HOL meetings or parties will have at least one member of the Head Office attend - and we make sure that anyone underage has parental permission to attend the meeting.

This is a reminder, especially for all newbies: do not post ANY contact information on the forum. If a moderator notices this information, it will be deleted immediately, and you will lose house points. If these acts are repeated, the student will be expelled for their own safety. It is also STRICTLY forbidden to post such information of a third person.

Other recommendations for your own safety and privacy:

- you are encouraged to use a web-based email address for HOL (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. - not your ISP's email address)
- you should use an HOL Identity, a HOL-Name - not your full real name - for this school. If you signed up for HOL with your real name by accident, you can change your HOL-Name by contacting your Head of House.

last changed: December 26, 2006 by pr_dyb