Professor/Student Teacher FAQ:

1. Professorly Behavior:

This is probably the most important thing you can know as a Professor. Put yourself in Professor McGonagall's shoes. Act like an adult--be very respectful of everyone around you, even the students. If you are having problems, go to your Head of House (if you are house affiliated) or to a member of the Head Office. We are here to help you.

Professors can have their status removed if their behaviors warrant it. Play nicely with others and act respectfully towards staff, students, administrators, etc. and you will be fine. We are all on the same side, after all.

Professors and ST alike are expected to *not* show favouritism to any student, house, or group. We expect you to grade and award fairly--you may not have only one set of points, one set of awards, or special treatment for any one group of people--it must be available to all in your class!

2. Student Teachers

A student teacher may teach only 3 classes per term and earn a maximum of 100 points, but unlike professors, the points will go towards their house. Post-graduates with an approved class will be automatically set as a professor, not a student-teacher.

3. Your Class

You applied to teach and were accepted. Go, you! Now, please keep your lessons up to date. If you need to be away for an extended amount of time, let the Head Office AND your students know. If you find yourself no longer able to teach your class, ditto. Let someone know so we don't have to chase you down. That makes us cranky. *nods* Keep in mind that the Head Office does keep an eye on *all* classes...just to ensure that we don't have Professors and Student Teachers Apparating to the Tropics and leaving their students with no lessons!

4. Do I have to have a student assistant?

No, you do not! Many professors find it useful to have a student assisting them in grading and managing of their class forum. If you choose to pick a class assistant, you may award them up to 50 points per term for his or her duties. Please keep in mind that you should not allow your student assistant to completely run your class for you. You are the professor and should be writing the bulk of your own work.

The assistants are there to assist you and to help you when you may be out of town, ill, or busy. If for some reason, your assistant must take over your class the HO will determine how many points they will get at the end of term.

You may *not* award Class Assistant points to those who are not your class assistants! If you feel a person has gone above and beyond with helping you, you may choose to award General Points for that person on a case to case basis.

You are allowed ONLY 1 assistant per class. If you feel that you need another assistant, you will need to contact the Head Office with a reason why. And, DO NOT list someone from your House as a class assistant and then not have that person do any work--this is an unfair way to gain points for your House and it will not be tolerated.

The Head Office reserves the right to refuse any student as a class assistant (in regards to who you may have assist you). We will take this on a case by case basis each term and a student may only assist with 3 classes per term.

4. Do I have to have a class forum?

No, you do not! Many of the professors/ST's choose to have a class website and forum. Some professors have only one of the two. You also have the opportunity (at the beginning of each term) to request a class area that is part of the main HOL Forum. Each term, a member of the Head Office or an admin will start a thread in the staffroom so that you may request this.

You may also choose to have a forum completely separate from the main HOL site. There are many free forums available on the internet. If you are having trouble finding one, or need assistance in picking a good forum for your class, feel free to ask a fellow professor or member of the Head Office. Most of us have been through a number of forums in our years on staff.

5. Where do I post my lessons and assignments?

You may post them on your forum or on your own website. We highly recommend that you keep all links up-to-date for your students. Some professors/STs choose to post their assignments and lessons on their forums...others utilize their webspace. It's a personal choice. Again, just let the students know where to look for their lessons.

6. How many lessons should I post a month?

Again, this is personal choice. You are allowed up to 30 points maximum for Class Work and up to 30 points maximum for Class Extra Work on each submission. Projects and exams may only be worth 30 points, as well! You are allowed a grand-total of 300 points TOTAL each term. You may break it up as you wish, as long as you don't go over the 30/30 maximum per SUBMISSION.

Keep in mind that although you are the judge of what your lessons are worth--you need to try to ensure that if you are giving 30 points, the lesson is WORTH 30 points. Don't make the homework worth more than it actually is in levels of difficulty. For instance, one short answer question does not a 30 point assignment make. But, say, six 5 pt. short answer questions makes more sense.

7. How do I submit points?

You will submit your points through the staffroom, which you get to by signing in on the Entrance Hall. There is a variety of ways in which to submit. You may submit BULK POINTS or INDIVIDUAL POINTS. Please be VERY CAREFUL when submitting to cut down on errors. The office is pretty self-explanatory with sections clearly labeled for:

CLASS POINTS - make sure you have the correct class chosen in the drop-down list
BULK SUBMISSION - you must choose ONE category per submission--Class Exam, Class Work, Class Extra Credit

Please keep in mind that the Head Office must validate every point that is submitted. Points are not automatically added. Also, keep in mind that you must use the correct Student ID in order to ensure the right students get the right points!

If you make a mistake, there is a pinned area in the forum for you to let us know. Please be specific.

Also, if you wish to create an award, let us know (with a graphic in your post--40 x 40 MUST be the size) and we'll upload the information for you.

8. Can Professors earn points?

Yes, we surely can! However, professorly points do not affect the multiplier for house points. But, the professorly points do count towards your bean count!

9. Do I have to be affiliated with a house as a professor?

No, you certainly do not! Some of our professors choose to remain house neutral. However, if you choose to join one of the houses, you'll need to contact the Head of House to request to be added to the staff. It really is your choice whether or not you join a house at HOL.

10. Someone has a question on the forum--should I answer it?

That depends. Do you know the answer? That one's fairly self-explanatory, isn't it? *grin* You may answer in the "Ask a Prefect" section if you are a professor. However, we usually let the prefects have a crack at it first. Sometimes.

11. Term Dates, Points, Quills, and Staffmeetings

Each term, the Head Office will set term dates and dates for turning in points and quills. Please get your points and quills in on time. It makes everyone breathe a bit easier. Quills may only be submitted for the term in which they were earned. You cannot add a quill for the Fall term in the middle of Spring term, if you get my drift.

Also, staff meetings are not mandatory...but, we would like professors who can attend. Dates and times of meetings are listed. We WOULD, however, request that you take a moment to read the staffmeeting logs if you cannot attend. Trust us, you'll need to know what happens in the meetings.

**Please note** Only professors and Head Students should attend Staffmeetings. Student teachers are invited to the FIRST Staffmeeting of each term ONLY. Thank you!

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