Head of House

The Head of House is chosen by Head Office, and usually that person is already a member of that House. The Head of House and the Deputy Head of House are professors, though they don't necessarily have a class.

The Deputy Head of House is usually chosen by the Head of House; however, consultation with Head Office is often done before final choice is made. A Deputy Head of House does not automatically step up into Head of House. Sometimes there is more than one Deputy Head of House and/or Head of House.

Current Heads of House

Gryffindor: Prof. Missa Matz
Hufflepuff: Prof. Felicia Hartwick
Ravenclaw: Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn, Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk
Slytherin: Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth

Current Deputy Heads of House

Gryffindor: Prof. Jenny Lupin
Hufflepuff: Prof. Cosmo B.Mott, Prof. Rorey Padfoot
Ravenclaw: Prof. Scarlet Leslie
Slytherin: N/A

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