Each term, a notice is posted announcing Professor Applications. This notice is posted in the HOL forum, as well as on the HOL Blog. For each application session, a link will appear in the Entrance Hall, which leads to an application form. Please note that to be a professor, you must be at least 17 years of age.

Potential professors must describe their class, what it is about and what makes them qualified to teach it. They must also describe how they will be grading students, what types of assignments will be given, and what the quill requirements are. They must also give a detailed outline of the class, as well as a link to a functioning class website/forum that contains a minimum of 2 completed lessons and homework assignments. Professors are permitted to award 30 House Points per homework assignment (usually 30 points for homework and 30 points for extra credit work per month) to a maximum of 300 point per term per student.

Each submitted class is carefully reviewed by members of the HOL Head Office (a select group of high standing Professors and Heads of House), and evaluated based on its merit, potential interest, and other criteria. Approved classes and professors will be notified approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of a new term.

Professors are expected to act in a respectful manner, and can have their position revoked if their behaviour warrants it. They are role-models for students, and must act accordingly.

Professors can still take HOL classes and earn points, though their points do not count towards the multiplier or the House Cup. Professors do not need to be affiliated to a house.

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