Class assistants are students hired to HELP a Professor or Student Teacher with their class. Their primary job can be to help maintain the class site, grade assignments, award points, or maintain a spreadsheet of points. Class assistants DO NOT run the class. They are not responsible for creating the lessons or the assignments, though they can help the professor with editing if required. They are essentially helpers.

Class assistants are generally students who have demonstrated their hard work and dedication within HOL, and/or who can commit a certain number of hours per week/month in helping a professor with his/her class. Professors and Student Teachers can opt to hire ONE class assistant per class if they wish, though they can opt to do everything themselves. In order to help potential class assistants and professors connect, there is a class assistant application form in the HOL forum, which students can complete in order to express their interest in becoming a class assistant, and where professors may go if they are searching for one.

Class assistants can earn a maximum of 50 points per term for helping teachers with a class’ administrative work. If the assistant is also taking the class, these are 50 points above and beyond the term limit.

Student teachers and professors are NOT ALLOWED to assist a class if they take on a class assistant.

If a Professor (or Student Teacher) disappears, the Class Assistant will generally take over the class.

Class assistants can assist a maximum of 3 classes per term. The HOL Head Office also reserves the right to reject a class assistant in special circumstances.

last changed: August 02, 2010 by pr_mar