Welcome to the HOL PETS section of the HOL Handbook.

We hope that the information found in this section will help you understand how to save up for a pet, how to purchase one and then hopefully take good care of it/them forever.

First you need BEANS to be able to purchase a pet. Now the pets can range in price from around 50 beans to over 100 beans. Toads are usually cheaper than cats and the most expensive pet will always be an owl.

Once you have saved enough beans up (See BEANS in the HOL Handbook) to purchase a pet you can go to the HOGSMEADE. This will bring to you the lovely village and you will see all sorts of strange looking buildings. By moving your cursor over each building, it should show you the name of the store. Once you find the PET STORE click on it. The Pets Owner Manual is there to remind you of the rules. Below the manual will be a list of the pets that are ready to be purchased. The list of which animals that are available can change from day to day. Sometimes there are no owls, sometimes no cats or toads. So depending on how many beans you have, the availability of which pet you want and the cost of the pet will determine if and which pet you can purchase.

Once you have purchased your pet, you need to visit it at least every few days. A good rule of thumb would be once a week, at the least. So if you visit HOL everyday, stop by YOUR PROFILE and click on Pets! Then you can pet your owl, cat or toad and feed them, if they are asking for a bean!! Petting your pet every day or every few days keeps your pet happy and it doesn't cost any beans. Each time your pet needs to be fed, it requires you to pay ONE bean.

There are a number of sayings which your pet can use to let you know they don't need to be fed or that they do need to be fed.

(1) They are STUFFED - (Don't waste beans on a stuffed pet)
(2) They are FULL - (You can give them a bean IF you have plenty)
(3) They are HUNGRY or VERY HUNGRY (Feed them a bean)
(4) They want a BEAN - (Feed them a bean)
These are a few sayings to give you an idea.

If you ignore their need for petting or for a bean, sadly they will run away and NEVER come back.

You say you're low on beans or don't have any left? NEVER think that you can't get help. Most students, Prefects and Professors from your House (and other Houses too), also collect beans. Some have many beans and are more than happy to give you a bean or two to keep your pet fed. A quick post, in your common room, can easily get you and your pet the help you need.

Good Luck and have fun getting your very own HOL Pet.

Below is the PET OWNER'S MANUAL -

Please read it over for anything that may have been missed in the above information.


Your pet has certain needs you need to fill to make sure that it wants to stay with you. First of all food: it will happily eat beans, because they are magical. You will see when your pet is hungry, but it will eat all the beans that you feed it, even when it is stuffed. And your pet wants to be proud of you, the better it likes you, the longer it will stay with you. Whenever you receive some house points or an award, your pet will know and think you are the best!

You should check on your pet whenever you have time between your studies, pet it and make it feel loved! If you don't then it might become lonely or depressed. Starving or depressed pets might just run away from you, become strollers on the HOL Grounds, or find themselves a new owner. And if they see you not bringing home anything to be proud of in a while, they feel they might be better off with someone else. If your pet runs away, there is no way of getting it back.

We are selling owls, cats and toads, and they are behaving slightly different from each other. Cats have an average size stomach, start with low prestige and average happiness and they cost less than an owl but more than a toad. Owls have the biggest stomach, start with the highest prestige and lowest happiness, and are the most expensive of all. Toads have a small stomach, start with the highest happiness and average prestige, and they are cheap (but they run away easily).

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