HOL has a wonderful and very active FIRST FRIEND PROJECT.

This project allows established students and professors the opportunity to team up with a new (or older) student to help them learn their way around the many fantastic places available throughout HOL. The best thing about this program is neither the adopter nor the adoptee can be from the same HOL House. So a Gryffindor can be matched up with a Slytherin, or Ravenclaw with a Hufflepuff. What makes this possible are the special "outside HOL interests". A Slytherin 5th year who loves graphics could then be matched up with a Ravenclaw 1st year who also loves graphics and so on. Here is how it all works...

There are two lists of friends that are listed for this project ---


The first list includes ADOPTERS. These wonderful HOL students and professors are willing to take on a number of new students who have just signed up at HOL. They guide and help the new student to become familiar with their new surroundings. They try and help those who want a more personal friend, who has many of the same interests, outside of HOL, to be their friendly guide.

To become an adopter one must meet certain prerequisites and then fill out the application, which looks like this -

Joined HOL:

1. Have you ever participated in an adoption process at HOL before? (whether in-house, as an adoptee or adopter)

2. Why do you think you'd make a good First Friend to a new student?

3. What extracurriculars are you involved in at HOL?

4. Are you on IRC frequently?

5. What interests do you have outside of HOL? (we'll try to match up people who have similar interests)

6. Do you have the time to commit at least one term to being a First Friend with a new HOLer?

Once the adopter has been accepted, they are listed in the FFP logs with their HOL name, HOL ID, HOL House and what their outside HOL individual special interests are and their e-mail address.

The second list includes the ADOPTEES. Now usually they are brand new HOL students who have found the HOL FFP section in the HOL Forum. They are looking for someone who has their special outside HOL interests to team up with. They must also sign up to become an adoptee.

To become an adoptee they must fill out a form like this -

HOL Name:
Joined HOL:

1. What interests do you have outside HOL (please list more then one if possible)?

2. Why do you want to participate in the First Friend Project?

The same process works for the adoptees. Once they have signed up, their information is logged into the FFP Logs. Special attention is paid to their outside HOL interests, for this will be the criteria that will be used to match them with their adopter.

Now it is up to those who run the FFP, presently Edmund Smethwyck, Fumei Shirokuro, Sirius Fudge, Tom Foster and Prof. Alaia Logan to do the matching as soon as a new student fills out their request in the FFP Section of HOL Forum. They do their very best to make sure each new student is responded to in as quick a manner as possible. Their goal is to have two very happy HOL professor/student match with the newbie (as some of us call them). We welcome all new HOL students to take advantage of this very special project.

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