The About Me section is the area where you can introduce and present yourself. You can write pretty much anything you like, add images or photos, or rant about your favourite books. If you need inspiration, check out all the member profiles that are up already.

To find "About Me" and write in it, go to the "My Profile" section from the main HOL page. Click that and then go to 'My Profile in the drop down section. Then go to 'My Settings' and another section will drop down. Then click on Edit Profile.

There are certain limitations, due to the non-commercial character of HOL and internet security and safety.

You are not allowed to add to your profile:
- java or javascript (this is a security risk when unmoderated)
- code that breaks the layout of the page
- commercial advertisements and links to commercial sites
- copyright protected stuff (text, images, etc.)
- anything that is not suitable for a general audience
- political or religious propaganda of any kind

We are not fans of all these rules, but they are necessary no matter what you think or feel. HOL is not MySpace or YouTube who get sued 10x a day and have a horde of lawyers dealing with all these problems.

If we find profiles that violate any of these rules, the About Me section will get deleted and you will find a log entry in your inbox (no further notice).

last changed: January 19, 2007 by pr_dyb