Now that you have been able to find your Member’s Profile the next step is to explain the layout of the profile and the different components that make up the profile.

On the top right hand side of the page, you will see the House shield of the House to which the student (Post Graduate/Professor) belongs. Under that, there will be a list of quick links for you.

* Main Profile
* House Points
* Classes
* Fact Sheet
* Friends
* Treasures
* Pets
* Dueling
* Wizard Cards

Following that are two drop down menus:
“My Settings” where you can change any of your personal information
“Main Areas” which include links to important sections of HOL.

Under the set of links will be where your Trading card is located if you have created it.

While looking directing at your profile you will see, directly under "Welcome to My Profile" a large box that contains member information. The information given here will tell about the member's activity in HOL. It will state the year they are, if they hold any positions (ie. Prefect, Head Student, Quidditch Captain, etc.), how many classes they are taking, how many points they have earned, how many awards they have earn, the best way to contact(HOL Message, OWL, etc.) whether they are a active or passive member, and how many beans they have collected.

Underneath the information box is your “About Me” section. Please see the separate chapter in the handbook that deals specifically with the ‘About Me” page for more details.

Under the About Me section you will see a student’s friends list and here is where you can add the person as a friend. You can click the “View all my HOL Friends” button to see a complete list of the person’s list.

Finally under the friend’s list is a copy of your “How I got into Harry Potter” story if you have created it.

Enjoy creating your own space here at HOL.

last changed: January 19, 2007 by pr_dyb