The Head Office and heads of house can (and should!) award points for students who do exceptional work for the HOL community - for the whole HOL community! Examples for this are exceptional (and the stress here is on 'exceptional') work on the Forum, boards or chats (organizing, moderating, administrating), administrative work, everything related to the general Quidditch tournament, maintaining FAQs or other official HOL webpages etc.

This category is comparable to the "extra work" part with class-related points. There is a lot of initiative and work involved and necessary to keep HOL up-to-date and to improve everything to make it even better. To avoid discussions about this kind of points, they can be awarded only by the head professors. There will be a meeting at the end of every half-term when the entire staff and Student Committee is invited, and can suggest points awards for those who demonstrate community spirit, moderating, initiative etc. - This meeting will be announced in the Student Committee area.

last changed: December 28, 2006 by pr_dyb