HOL tries to organize an official meeting every summer. These meetings are discussed in the Green Park area in the HOL Forum.
To attend an official HOL meeting, you must be either of legal age in your country or have the explicit "okay" from your parents. The headmaster or any Head Office member attending the HOL meeting needs to know that an underage HOL student has permission to join the group. There will be an attendance list posted in the forum, that you have to sign. Anyone accompanying you (parents, friends, relatives) is welcome to come to HOL meetings too!

HOL'ers can meet on their own, but HOL is not responsible for what occurs at these meetings - they are private meetings and do not fall upon the HOL administration. We strongly recommend that you not randomly meet people by yourself that you don't know well enough, and NOT give out personal data if you are not allowed to, for your own safety (see 7.1).

Previous HOL meetings have been held in London (UK), Clervaux (Luxembourg), Boston (USA) and Paris (France).

A special note: HOL would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come to your country. But, due to the extensive planning involed to organize an HOL meeting, it's pretty improbable. PLEASE don't make posts in "Green Park" asking us to hold a party in your country. Several factors contribute to where HOL meetings are held. We try to have one spread out so that both Europe and North America are served - as for the other continents, keep your eyes open!

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