When you log in to your HOL account, you might notice something saying you have a new Log Entry.
ยท 1 New Log Entry
Logs are there to notify you if something happens regarding your account. Things for which you might receive Log Entries are:

* Someone adding or removing you as a friend and vice versa
* Receiving or losing points
* Receiving an award
* Being approved/dropped from a class
* Sending/receiving beans
* Signing up for classes
* Submitting to the Art or Library Departments
* Receiving a rating on one of your Art or Library Department projects
* Posting on the HOL blog
* Earning a Quill
* Applying to teach a class
* Being approved to teach a class
* Editing your HOL profile
* Passing a year
* A change in your status such as becoming a Prefect or Quidditch Captain

After you have read your new Log Entries, you can show they have been read (and clear your Log notice board) by clicking the box at the bottom which says:
Mark all your logs as read

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