Sign-Up for HOL 2018: This is the HOL Entry Exam. It has been added to the Sign-Up to make sure that you know what HOL is about before you are joining. All the answers can be found on the HOL pages, especially in the HOL Handbook. You can get any help you want for the Exam questions, and retake it as many times as you need to.

A submitted Entry Exam will be graded instantly, and if you passed you can put on the Sorting Hat right away. You need to pass with 90% in order to proceed.

HOL Name:  
 Enter the name you signed-up with (spell it correctly)
Question 1:  Where is the HOL Handbook located (URL)?
Question 2:  How are Headboys and Headgirls chosen?  
Chosen by all HOL members in a public election
Chosen by all HOL professors in a public meeting
Chosen by all HOL professors in a secret meeting
Chosen by the HOL Headoffice in a secret meeting
Question 3:  What is needed to play Quidditch at HOL?  
A broom
Approval of your Head Of House
HOL Quidditch League Players License
Question 4:  What is HOL Quidditch based on?  
Flash Animation Multiplayer Game
Computer mouse and joystick skills
Harry Potter Trivia Knowledge
Question 5:  Who should students contact first for HOL related questions or problems?  
Their House Prefects
Their House Professors
Their Head of House
The Headmaster
Question 6:  Who is the founder of HOL?  
Professor Albus Dumbledore
Professor Emerald Dybendahl
Professor Mark Mandrake
Professor Ulol Kimil
Question 7:  How do students advance to the next year?  
Pay money to the Headmaster's PayPal account
Earn 2 or more Quills by the end of the year
Be active on the HOL Forum throughout the term
Question 8:  How are Prefects selected?  
Appointed by the HOL Headoffice
Chosen by all HOL professors in a public meeting
At the discretion of each Head of House
Chosen by all House members in a public election
Question 9:  Who won the HOL Quidditch Cup for 2010/2011?  
Question 10:  What can "Beans" NOT be used for in HOL?  
Trading goods in the Thrift Shop
Buying House Points
Feeding owls, toads and cats
Getting an HOL Pet
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