This class is a Full-Year Class for HOL 2017/18 and currently closed for sign-ups.

Total Sign-Ups:  161
Current Class Members:  159
New Sign-Ups, not yet confirmed:  0
Dropped Members or Rejected Sign-Ups:  2
Graduated Students (Quill earned):  0

The discussion area for this class is closed. Please use the External Class Forum instead.

2018-01-1730 Ellie WarholAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1730 Emma BorgAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1730 Hannah R ThomasAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1729 Lucy BrooksAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1729 Meredith MalkinsAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1730 Polaris BlackAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1730 Saene DeCobraAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1730 Shiloh AdlarAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1730 Will LestrangeAncient Runes OWL
2018-01-1530 Emma BorgDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Hannah R ThomasDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Meredith MalkinsDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Saene DeCobraDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Sky AltonDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Star Andromeda BlackDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Will LestrangeDADA OWL
2018-01-1530 Shiloh AdlarDADA OWL
2018-01-0230 Ashley DenverCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Hannah R ThomasCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Meredith MalkinsCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Polaris BlackCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Saene DeCobraCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Shiloh AdlarCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Sky AltonCharms OWL
2018-01-0225 Star Andromeda BlackCharms OWL
2018-01-0230 Will LestrangeCharms OWL
2018-01-0250 Gail AllenFall assistant points for OWLS TY!
2017-12-1330 Meredith MalkinsAstronomy OWL
2017-12-1330 Polaris BlackAstronomy OWL
2017-12-1330 Saene DeCobraAstronomy OWL
2017-12-1330 Will LestrangeAstronomy OWL
2017-12-1330 Sky AltonAstronomy OWL
2017-12-1330 Meredith MalkinsCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2017-12-1330 Saene DeCobraCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2017-12-1330 Sky AltonCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2017-11-0530 Ellie WarholArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0530 Hannah R ThomasArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0530 Meredith MalkinsArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0526 Saene DeCobraArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0530 Shiloh AdlarArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0530 Sky AltonArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0530 Star Andromeda BlackArithmancy OWL
2017-11-0530 Will LestrangeArithmancy OWL