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2018-01-20-25 Edward Potter WeasleyInapropriate behavior/use of words in email
2018-01-2050 Katelin RossAssistant Points
2018-01-035 Alexzandria LestrangeIntroduction
2018-01-0330 Alexzandria LestrangeAssignment One
2018-01-035 Domias BranstoneIntroduction
2018-01-0325 Edward Potter WeasleyAssignment One
2018-01-035 Kim AltingIntroduction
2018-01-0330 Kim AltingAssignment One
2018-01-035 Mathilda CarterIntroduction
2018-01-0328 Mathilda CarterAssignment One
2018-01-0330 Reese SummersAssignment One
2018-01-035 Sachiko MurataIntroduction
2018-01-035 Ziana RhapsodyIntroduction
2018-01-0330 Ziana RhapsodyAssignment One
2018-01-0328 Sachiko MurataAssignment Two
2018-01-0328 Sachiko MurataAccidently went to wrong student
2018-01-0328 Ziana RhapsodyAssignment Two
2018-01-0325 Ziana RhapsodyAssignment One Extra Credit
2018-01-0320 Ziana RhapsodyAssignment Two Extra Credit
2018-01-0315 Ziana RhapsodyDiscussion One