This class is a CLASS CLOSED for HOL 2017/18 and currently open for sign-ups.

Total Sign-Ups:  25
Current Class Members:  0
New Sign-Ups, not yet confirmed:  0
Dropped Members or Rejected Sign-Ups:  5
Graduated Students (Quill earned):  2

The discussion area for this class is closed.

2018-01-2129 Cut YunaHomework One
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanHomework One
2018-01-2130 Cut YunaExtra Credit One
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanExtra Credit One
2018-01-2129 Cut YunaHomework Two
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanHomework Two
2018-01-2130 Cut YunaExtra Credit Two
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanExtra Credit Two
2018-01-2128 Cut YunaHomework Three
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanHomework Three
2018-01-2130 Cut YunaExtra Credit Three
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanExtra Credit Three
2018-01-2126 Cut YunaHomework Four
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanHomework Four
2018-01-2130 Cut YunaExtra Credit Four
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanExtra Credit Four
2018-01-2130 Cut YunaClass Final
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanClass Final
2018-01-2130 Cut YunaProject
2018-01-2130 Maxim TrevelyanProject