#1Ella Lestrange's AvatarElla Lestrange ( 273 days 20 hours ago)

Great issue!!

#2Will Lestrange's AvatarWill Lestrange ( 275 days 8 hours ago)


#3Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater ( 276 days 11 hours ago)

A GREAT issue guys!!! I love how many things were submitted for this issue!!

#4Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 276 days 11 hours ago)

Yes, it's an amazing issue! More stuff didn't happen with me, too. Great articles! I've solved a sudoku (and found a 'thing' from another House newspaper which I sent in *hi Arianna*) and gee, there is a hashi and a maze and and and --
Lovely issue. :)

#5Sky Alton's AvatarSky Alton ( 276 days 13 hours ago)

"I seriously need to get on with stuff....ooooh, look, SerpenTimes!" ...Yeah, stuff didn't happen. Amazing issue, everyone!