You are invited!

Have you ever experienced a deathday party? Nearly Headless Nick invites you to one as he celebrates his 525th deathday party. Click the image to be taken to the party venue. Make sure you are registered to the HOL Forum to participate in the event.


image by Sirius Fudge

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#1Sirius Fudge's AvatarSirius Fudge ( 143 days 1 hour ago)

Create your ghost character and enjoy the deathday party fun! It has already started. See you in the venue!

#2Marie Dark's AvatarMarie Dark ( 143 days 16 hours ago)

so, my understanding is I need to be present on the First of October?? Yes?? lol I clicked the image and that's what I read.... so Woooo-hoooo... party dress here I come!!!!

#3Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson ( 144 days 21 hours ago)

Ah but I'm not a ghost so I wan't sure if I could join. LOL

#4Sirius Fudge's AvatarSirius Fudge ( 144 days 22 hours ago)

You have to be there BJ so you can find out. :)

#5Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson ( 145 days 22 hours ago)

Are only ghosts allowed to join this party? :)

#6Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 146 days 5 hours ago)

What fun! PARTAAAAAAAYS with Arianna. \o/

*floats around making spooky noises* BOO!

#7Vanessa Tilley's AvatarVanessa Tilley ( 146 days 9 hours ago)

So excited!!!

#8Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater ( 146 days 10 hours ago)


#9Prof. Rorey Padfoot's AvatarProf. Rorey Padfoot ( 146 days 10 hours ago)

Twyla, click the Blog Post image, the one right under You are invited and above "have you ever experienced..." :)

#10Twyla Vaughn's AvatarTwyla Vaughn ( 146 days 11 hours ago)

What image?