#1Prof. Felicia Hartwick's AvatarProf. Felicia Hartwick ( 160 days 16 hours ago)

Come on folks... we'll be beginning Week 3 of Fantastic Beasts soon... very soon.... come join the fun!

#2Aldebaran Antares's AvatarAldebaran Antares ( 175 days 22 hours ago)

Ohhh this is the sorta event I'm interested in! I love anything to do with animals, which would include Fantastic Beasts by extension.

#3Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 176 days 8 hours ago)

Thank you your Dalek-ness. :)

#4Prof. Ulol Kimil's AvatarProf. Ulol Kimil ( 176 days 8 hours ago)

You have to have a huffie account and to be logged in in this site to see the content, why is not stated in the HOL page announcing this activity?