#1Kathryn Blackthorne's AvatarKathryn Blackthorne ( 193 days 14 hours ago)

Summer IS adventure time. Big Trees, Yosemite, Natural Bridges, Mount Diablo. Our family lives for the summer time.

#2Nicole Dark's AvatarNicole Dark ( 194 days 21 hours ago)

Summer shopping online is the best for me. Seeing as I have a Summer Mugler job for one of the largest online shopping websites in the world. It's simply Amazonian!!! Lol Happy shopping everyone =)

#3Hannah R Thomas's AvatarHannah R Thomas ( 200 days 5 hours ago)

Shopping for books is my adventure :)

#4Prof. Felicia Hartwick's AvatarProf. Felicia Hartwick ( 202 days 18 hours ago)

ADVENTURES! Do any involve.... shopping?