20 Down, Many More To Go...

Text: See you next year!

Dear students and fellow professors, another school year is officially behind us. All of those who have managed to earn at least two quills will soon find their name another colour. For those of you looking to become teachers or professors (or just continue being one of those), keep an eye out for class applications. Unlike previous years, the applications will be a bit late and you can expect them only in a few weeks, but that will in no way have any result on the beginning of the term and other important dates for the next school year.

Now to the more interesting events!

A big congratulations to Ravenclaw House for winning the House Cup with 44,775 House Points! It was a close battle all the way till the end, but the final points have weighed in in Ravenclaw's favour, so congratulations once again. Excellent work!

Another round of applause for the Slytherin Quidditch Team for winning the Quidditch Cup without a single defeat, well done, Slytherin!

Now to individual honours: Arianna Stonewater of Slytherin is HOL's top points earner with 4,006 House Points. Congratulations, Arianna!

Graduation honours will be posted once our brave seventh years are done taking their NEWT examination, so let us all wish them the best of luck!

I hope everyone enjoys the summer. Make sure to keep an eye out for our summer activities.

HOL Head Office

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#1Bianca Delacroix's AvatarBianca Delacroix ( 384 days 1 hour ago)

and by one, I mean won (late night submissions are unreliable for correct word usage) c'était ma faute

#2Bianca Delacroix's AvatarBianca Delacroix ( 387 days 20 hours ago)

Darn, I can't help but feel that if I were a more committed student, I would have earned more points and we could have one! Well done Ravenclaw, Well done SQT!!!!!! and obvi Ariana is amazingggg xx

Personal note: no longer a Perpetual Second Year, oh man this is a big one, finally advancing to Third Year after a loooong hiatus

Can't wait to see everyone back next year!
À bientôt!

#3Nicole Dark's AvatarNicole Dark ( 389 days 16 hours ago)

Congratulations to the House Cup Ravenclaw!!!! Congratulations to Slytherins for the Quidditch cup. And a Wow Congrats to Arianna Stonewater. This was a very close year in points between the two houses. Very Exciting. Happy Summer Everyone!!!

#4Austin Ollivander Black's AvatarAustin Ollivander Black ( 389 days 16 hours ago)

Great job Ravenclaw. and congrats to Slytherin for the Quidditch Cup. Well done on the House Points Arianna Stonewater.

#5Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis's AvatarProf. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis ( 389 days 23 hours ago)

Amazing year, everyone! It's always fun to watch the points change drastically as the term ends. Well done, Ravenclaw, for winning the house cup.

Yay SQT! *coils* Thanks for a great season!

Arianna, I'm so proud of you for reaching your goal of 4000 points. Congratulations!

#6Marie Dark's AvatarMarie Dark ( 390 days 1 hour ago)

Congratulations Ravenclaws and Slytherins houses for the two wins.... and Congratulations to Arianna Stonewater for all of her hard work. This was a great term.

#7Prof. Missa Matz's AvatarProf. Missa Matz ( 390 days 4 hours ago)

Tarma, I'm pretty sure I was the first to do so, since I've been on this site since its very beginning and I was always the top points earner in my early years, lol.

SQT - You have come so far, congratulations! I remember years back when the team had to pretty much forfeit the entire season and it left your house down. You have rebounded tremendously and I am so happy for you!

Ravenclaw house - Congrats on the house cup! I know how hard each of you works for it.

To many, many, more years of HOL!

#8Magnus Ward's AvatarMagnus Ward ( 390 days 6 hours ago)

Congratulations us for being totally awesome!

#9Hannah R Thomas's AvatarHannah R Thomas ( 390 days 20 hours ago)

Congrats Ravenclaw for winning the house cup this year and BIG congrats SQT. Always a fun heading it off with you guys :)

And lastly, congrats to Arianna Stonewater for making it as this year's top points winner.

Can't wait for another year to come around. See you then everyone!! :)

#10Kaitlyn Nightingale's AvatarKaitlyn Nightingale ( 391 days ago)

Thank you, everyone, for an exciting year! It was my first year here and certainly not the last one!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ravenclaw and Slytherin, you all did such a wonderful job! And you, Arianna, are the biggest inspiration of all. I don't understand HOW you did it, but you did, and the magical world should be on a lookout!

#11Lisa Hurdegart Malfoy's AvatarLisa Hurdegart Malfoy ( 391 days ago)

Congratulations !! Ravenclaw for all of you, I am happy.

#12Sirius Fudge's AvatarSirius Fudge ( 391 days 1 hour ago)

What a year, haha! Congrats Eagles and Snakes! And Arianna, well done! Seventh year next year. *G*

#13Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater ( 391 days 12 hours ago)

What an incredible year! I am so proud of everyone who helped maintain the activities throughout the various forums and common rooms!!

Great job to Ravenclaw; but watch out! We're coming for you next year!!

SQT has done nothing but phenomenal work this year and while I couldn't make a single game I loved reading about how it went through the stats!

I was so close to 4000 last year (3950 Points!) and with my computer being so terrible these last few months plus the arrival of of Snekbaby this past week, I wasn't sure I could get to 4000 but I just squeaked by!! Great job everyone, if I don't see you this summer I'll see you in the fall!!!

#14Aurelia West's AvatarAurelia West ( 391 days 13 hours ago)

Wow, congratulations everyone on another wonderful year! Special congratulations to Ravenclaw for managing to snag the house cup! It was amazing to watch the points battle down to the second, and I think it's done wonders in inspiring all of us for the upcoming year! I, for one, would love to see Slytherin win one in the near future! :)

Amazing job, SQT, for winning the quidditch cup! It was an awesome season to watch and be a part of!

And of course, immense congratulations to Arianna for being the top points hoarder all year! That's no small feat, and your dedication paid off!

#15Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 391 days 13 hours ago)

Another year and more to go. This is amazing and wonderful.
I remember when Missa was the first student to acquire over 4,000 points. 2006-2007. (Was she the first to do so? I think so.) And now Arianna continues the madness... is that incredible or what?
Good job, all. :)

#16Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus ( 391 days 14 hours ago)

Congrats to Ravenclaw!!!! Yay :)

Congrats also to SQT for such an awesome season!

Arianna, you truly ar an inspiration to all of us. Awesome job :)

#17Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow ( 391 days 17 hours ago)

Wow I can't believe how close the house cup was in the end. Well done Ravenclaw - we'll get you next year!

#18Gail Allen's AvatarGail Allen ( 391 days 17 hours ago)

Congratulations Slytherin for doing so well in the quidditch season! And Arianna! That is so awesome! Way to go.
And congratulations to all my fellow Ravenclaws. We did it!