#1Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 393 days 18 hours ago)

Very nice issue! As Sky wrote, I smiled all the way through. Well, until I saw that evil evil picture sudoku of Polaris's ... which now I am determined to get done! And then do the word search and then figure out how to do a nurikabe.
Thank you for the fun. :)

#2Prof. Arielle Lemoyne's AvatarProf. Arielle Lemoyne ( 396 days 10 hours ago)

Kendra!! Your article warmed my heart <3 Just what I needed to read today. And the rest of the issue was lovely... I think I've been inspired to read some fan fiction!

#3Sky Alton's AvatarSky Alton ( 396 days 15 hours ago)

A truly beautiful, funny, fascinating and uplifting issue. Everyone's work was just ...gah, I can't even sum it up. Sufficed to say, I was smiling all through my cover to cover read. (aaah, where did that unicorn come from?)