Quidditch Game - May 14th

Image shows all four Hogwarts Houses and their mascots; the Hufflepuff Badger and Slytherin Snake are highlighted
Graphic by Fumei!!

The Hufflepuff Badgers play the Slytherin Snakes on Sunday! Yes, the Badgers have a double header this weekend. Bring your blankets and butterbeer, come cheer and scream!

When: May 14th, 9 PM HOL time
Where: #quidditch
Watch and comment in: #grandstand

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#1Bianca Delacroix's AvatarBianca Delacroix ( 251 days 13 hours ago)


#2Kaitlyn Nightingale's AvatarKaitlyn Nightingale ( 251 days 14 hours ago)

Slytherin won 460 to 60

#3Lisa Hurdegart Malfoy's AvatarLisa Hurdegart Malfoy ( 251 days 17 hours ago)

Who won??

#4Vanessa Tilley's AvatarVanessa Tilley ( 252 days 15 hours ago)

Looking forward to another good match!

#5Lisa Hurdegart Malfoy's AvatarLisa Hurdegart Malfoy ( 252 days 17 hours ago)

Not slytherin will won

#6Katya Snow's AvatarKatya Snow ( 252 days 19 hours ago)

awe man, i won't be able to make this one. Go Badgers Go!