#1Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow ( 388 days 2 hours ago)

Excellent articles everyone. Another fabulous SerpenTimes issue :D

#2Erin Ersoy's AvatarErin Ersoy ( 390 days 2 hours ago)

Great job on this issue!

#3Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater ( 390 days 5 hours ago)

Great work everyone! Another fantastic issue in the bag!

#4Maxim Trevelyan's AvatarMaxim Trevelyan ( 390 days 10 hours ago)

I speak nothing but the truth! Sirius definitely breeds basilisks in his room.

#5Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 390 days 17 hours ago)

Yay! Great issue. I think Elise was quite correct in saying you would breed basilisks, Sirius. * The puzzles are ... good. Yeah, good. >.< I've done the Jigsaw and the cryptogram and :O challenging!

#6Sirius Fudge's AvatarSirius Fudge ( 390 days 18 hours ago)

Job well done, Slytherin!

Maxim, as per my 5-day vacation in the dungeons, nope, no basilisk breeding for me. *shudders*

#7Aurelia West's AvatarAurelia West ( 390 days 19 hours ago)

Ooh! So many good articles in this issue! Well done everyone!