Tis the season to read

The Book Club will be running a Winter Reading Challenge, in which participants can pledge to read a certain number of books in a given period of time. Image shows an out-of-focus book with a warm drink in front of it and links to the challenge thread on the forum. Caption reads: Winter Reading Challenge.
Pledge today!

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#1Kate Rosaph's AvatarKate Rosaph ( 473 days 19 hours ago)

That is two syllables shy!

#2Eva North's AvatarEva North ( 474 days 6 hours ago)

I would like to read 3 books in January
1). The Only Boy for Me.
2).Becoming Kirrali Lewis.
3).The Secrets We Keep.
Anyone else who is interested in the same books as me?

#3Prof. Amy Lupin's AvatarProf. Amy Lupin ( 487 days 19 hours ago)

Thanks for your enthusiasm! You can pledge the number of books you would like to read in this thread: http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=390&t=29279

#4Urban Hawk's AvatarUrban Hawk ( 489 days 15 hours ago)

I pledge to read!

#5Dylan  Carriger's AvatarDylan Carriger ( 498 days 18 hours ago)

I plegde to read.