Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

...but the Dungeons are so delightful!

Graphic created by the lovely Scarlet!


#1Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson ( 531 days 20 hours ago)

Yup always a explosive or two going on down were I live. LOL

#2Aurelia West's AvatarAurelia West ( 534 days 20 hours ago)

Oooh! I'm so excited for this!!

#3Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 535 days ago)

Yes, they are. Lots of explosives and opportunities for MISCHIEF! \o/

#4Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow ( 535 days 2 hours ago)

IT'S SLYTHMAS!! My favourite time of the year!