Prisoner of Azkaban is HERE!

The Harry Potter Read-Along is back
with what is, for many people, a favourite of the series. Weekly tasks, in-depth discussions and daily trivia will keep you busy right up until Christmas as you re-read this wonderful book. Open to all houses.

Image by Maxwell Shadow


#1Elena Galatas's AvatarElena Galatas ( 594 days 7 hours ago)

I'll have to join in a little later, as I'm in the midst of rereading Chamber of Secrets (I bought the UK editions while I was there to see the differences and to have yet another copy of the series >.>), but it won't take me long to finish. This sounds like a lot of fun!!

#2Bianca Delacroix's AvatarBianca Delacroix ( 594 days 13 hours ago)

Never not re-reading HP. redundant and superfluous