October 2007 News

Sir Paddy would like to remind the general HOL population that not everyone in HOL is a native English speaker.

The latest editions of the Paw Print (Gryffindor House's newspaper) and Alte Sententiam (from Ravenclaw House) are now online!

Congratulations to the following Ravenclaw House award winners for the month of September:

Blue Virtue: Keira Ashworth
Bronze Ambition: Tara Aurelium
Ravenclaws of the Month: Gypsy Ardor, Maya Winters and Momoko Asakura
Hawking HOLer: Prof. Ulol Kimil

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#1Visa Nur's AvatarVisa Nur ( 2685 days 9 hours ago)

Congratulations to everyone

#2Simon Wang's AvatarSimon Wang ( 2822 days 10 hours ago)

LOL agreed this post is pretty old

#3Mandy Meyer's AvatarMandy Meyer ( 2825 days 19 hours ago)

Congratulations to everyone who has won. Great job and great work.

#4Pepe Garese's AvatarPepe Garese ( 2838 days 8 hours ago)

Old really old post....